Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My first Dawanda customer

Today a customer knocked on my Dawanda -shop door 
and purchased this Cobra/snake pendant. 
She is my very first Dawanda-customer, 
so I decided to celebrate this kick-off by making a piece for her.     
        Something summery, but also something that she would like. This was very challenging as I don’t know her at all IRL. 
But what I did know was that she likes black, leather & snake,  
 =casual/ fun/ no-nonsense.
And 925 Sterling Silver for style & durability. 
Her enthusiastic reply on my order-confirmation had a light & ‘sparkly’ tone, which would be ‘summery’ in my translation.
I love Turquoise for the summer, 
it has the colour of the infinite Sky & Ocean.
White Pearl for elegance & purity and Black Pearl adds mystery to it. 
A little green Turquoise chip to finish the charm.
All these free shaped semiprecious stones give the charm some attitude.
I hope she’ll like it.

Thanks M'inda and have a great summer!

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