Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yoga mat bag DIY tutorial


I had been wanting a yoga mat bag for quite awhile, but I couldn't find one I liked enough. So 8 months ago when I arrived in Chiang Mai again I decided to make my own, yet it was only 2 weeks ago I found the fabric I loved and started making it. As I don't own a sewing machine I first did all the prepwork myself (cutting, pinning, sewing by hand (!) and then I went to the seamstress. The first one I went to looked a bit worried. The second one smiled. I too thought it was an easy job because of the prepwork I had done.

I read the tutorial on BoredandCrafty for the basic steps and I adjusted a few things. I chose for a single layered bag, because the fabric is thick and strong enough. I also made a slit on top, so it is easier to slide in the yoga mat in the bag and I used a cord lock to close the bag. I also wanted an adjustable strap.
I thought about a double zippered bag (see pic below) because it's very practical, but I didn't want to use too much metal. Plus I foresaw my long hair tangled in the zippers (when carrying the bag). And the hassle when zippers need to be fixed or scratches on my mat... doom thinking has its benefits ;-) An extra little pocket for a (membership, parking) card or coins would have added a bit of convenience, but then... I always have my other bag for gum, wallet, water etc.
I love this bag, it's like an Eastern painting
Sukhii's Shop

Brand: Jfit

Making a yoga mat bag from old pants is such a great idea and so much easier to make, not to forget eco-friendly. Cargo pants are perfect for this as it already has pockets. Check this out.

Last week a stranger at the airport complimented me on my bag, he said it looked like a ... bag (he named a brand, Lemon Tree?) My smile couldn't have been bigger...
PS: After finishing this post I found Serita's yoga mat bag tutorial on Youtube (timeframe 0:35), and I really like the way she made the pocket. 

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