Tuesday, September 17, 2013

SYLK Studio

Where oh where art thou?
My little precious studiou?

At some point I realised that working from different locations and having my jewellery in both SE-Asia and Europe was not very efficient. Too many times I had to explain customers that the piece of jewellery they were interested in was located on the other side of the world. I also felt I needed a steady home for my tools and materials. For that sewing machine I want, the Dremel, kilos of beads, a corner for silver smithing, a space to display the pieces etc.

So about a year ago I decided to set up my studio somewhere in a warm country, a place yet to be found. Could it be Spain? Close to my family in Europe and stay abroad during Spain's winterly months? Could it be Central America? Costa Rica, Mexico? I still haven't found the right spot to settle down, I just don't know. The only thing I do know is that SYLK is begging for a studio.

But for now... I am about to leave for a Thai Island and will be staying there for awhile. Just to charge my batteries. It has been a pretty dynamic year for me and I seriously need a time out. Yoga, meditation and nature will be on my daily menu. And when the right moment appears the search for SYLK's studio will be continued.
But first things first: Sun, here I come!

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