Friday, August 30, 2013

Inspiration of the Day: Li Ka-shing

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I have always had a great interest in entrepreneurs, especially when they start from the bottom and climb all the way to the top. And stay humble once they are standing high in the sky.

So this morning when I read an article about Li Ka-shing taking over waste centres in the Netherlands at age 85(!) he had my interest. He also owns 2 large chain stores in cosmetics and container terminals in the lowlands. Because it was printed in a Dutch regional newspaper I thought it was about a Chinese immigrant who had made it to the Dutch top, but Google taught me he is a large, a very large fish in the Ocean. He's one of the most successful and richest people in the world. Besides being a philanthropist.

Soon I will be traveling to SE-Asia again, but with a different strategy than the first time. I will be using my nephew's motto as a guideline "It is what it is, and make the best out of it". No longer searching and hunting like crazy for something that's far away from me, but optimizing the situation I am in. To be is the key.

While googling I found this article about Li Ka-shing about a similar toned motto and felt deeply inspired by his words.

"When life throws a lemon into your hands, you may as well squeeze it and turn it into lemonade. Only after your own spiritual blueprint takes shape can you really begin to love life. Only by drawing on your own intelligence and capacity and establishing your own unique self according to your own principles and ideals can you pursue a life beyond yourself.

"Poverty is not necessarily due to lack of money but to total submission following the evaporation of all hopes and opportunities"

"I am happy that I am myself"

In a process of getting back in an upward spiral, these quotes reminded me of the road I was on before. I feel I am heading the right way. 

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