Monday, July 29, 2013

Chinese horoscope Summer necklace


Once upon a time there was a little Monkey, a Rabbit and an Oxe and they went on Summer-Summer-Summer holiday to the tropics. They brought their beading stuff with them and made their Summer necklaces made of wood, Jade and Turquoise.
For the photoshoot they picked the coconuts themselves. For the last ones to pick the little Monkey climbed on Oxe's shoulder and fell... But except for some bruises (and some little Monkey tears) the coconut-mission was safe and successful. They picked and plucked until de coconut tree was totally nut-free. They asked Tommy and Wurmi to show the world their Summer necklaces and here they are....
The 3 of them were very happy and danced at the Pondjesbrug until they got sleepy and thirsty. So they went home and opened the coconuts one by one and quenched their thirst by drinking the coconut water. It was so refreshing, it was nature's gold! With droopy eyes they went to bed and dreamed about how much luck and prosperity the Summer necklaces would bring little Monkey, Rabbit and Oxe ...

~The end~

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